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AMEX Appreciation Campaign


The Cooper Group, a leading NYC-based integrated branding agency, was looking for a  reative campaign solution to recognize the accomplishments of a particular sales group of their client, a financial institution. The client wanted to foster better relationships between the Financing Sales Team and the Client Managers for the business.

The project from concept to shipping had to be produced in a little over three weeks before Labor Day 2014. The Cooper Group turned to Bevilacque Group powered by Proforma for creative solutions that would excite, reward and educate the intended market.


Working closely with The Cooper Group and the financial institution, Proforma suggested a number of concepts providing usable long-term gifts appropriate for the desired market. The approved concept to be executed was to send each salesperson a Hamilton Beach One Cup POD Coffee Maker with the company logo imprinted on it, a Ceramic Coffee Mug with the company logo imprinted on it, coffee, personalized letters and double-sided sales sheets that matched in quality and design.

In order to achieve “the ta-da moment” for the intended market, Proforma added festive blue crinkle paper to the inside of the box to help absorb the impact of shipping as well as create a celebratory atmosphere when the box was opened. The box itself was custom made to fit the Hamilton Beach One Cup POD Coffee Maker smugly. The custom box was printed four colors and shrink-wrapped to arrive in perfect condition.


The campaign was executed without any problems, and has done exceedingly well in satisfying the client, the agency and intended market. This package as a whole exceeded expectations and has left the client wanting more.