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Tory Burch Holiday Greeting and Gift Card Mailing


Tory Burch, a specialty women’s clothing line, needed to print + ship 75,000 holiday cards with inserted gift cards to more than 17 countries. There were three different card designs and two envelope designs, each custom printed. The gift cards would need to be hand placed onto each holiday card. Card manufacturer sent cards without customer numbers imprinted on the back of the gift cards to automate the process; each gift card had to be hand fulfilled onto the holiday card and inserted into the corresponding envelope.


In just seven days, the Bevilacque Group powered by Proforma hand applied 75,000 gift cards to the holiday greeting cards and inserted them into their corresponding envelopes. 10,000 of the envelopes where shipped internationally by USPS and International Air and tracked to the agency in New York City.


The recipients received their cards in all 17 countries right on time, three weeks before Christmas.