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New York Mets Opening Day Giveaway


Publicis North America, the largest global advertising agency network, was looking for SWAG for their client, Citibank, to giveaway during the Mets Opening Day at Citifield. The project, from concept to completion, had to be produced in just over seven days.


Bevilacque Group powered by Proforma helped the client identify a promotion, wallet sleeves, that would be effective, fun and could be delivered by the tight deadline. The silicone orange adhesive wallet sleeves featured two logos imprinted in fourcolor. This crowd-pleasing item is designed to attach to the back of a cellphone and hold credit cards, money, etc. Since the only vendor capable of meeting Citibank’s needs is located in China, Bevilacque Group powered by Proforma arranged to have the products air lifted to the US to meet the deadline.


The campaign was executed flawlessly, and has done exceedingly well in satisfying the client, the agency and intended market. The silicone adhesive wallet sleeves as a whole exceeded expectations and has left the client wanting more.